Mary Bogue
Mary Bogue

Don't Go to Strangers

by Mary Bogue

Released 2012
Dance Me To Stardust Records
Released 2012
Dance Me To Stardust Records
Who knows how, but Mary snagged the iconic Les McCann as Creative Consultant and Guest Vocalist, the finest L.A. jazz musicians to swing on the standards, blues, and a couple of "message" songs from the 70's, and created a musical masterpiece.
When the great blues diva, Linda Hopkins heard Mary Bogue sing a song of hers, she told everyone around, "You sang that song better than I ever did. You were bluesy and wonderful, and you sang it nice and slow!" High praise from an amazing talent! And when Los Angeles blues mega-talent Barbara Morrison heard Mary belt, she made her one of her "Official Blues Mamas." CabaretScenes Magazine said her performance "nearly blew the roof …
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Don't Go to Strangers - Mary Bogue


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