"I think," says Mary Bogue, "one of the greatest compliments I have ever had is when I sing this and am later approached by people who say that it touched them so deeply that they wept. I believe we have all known that depth of despair and regret, missed opportunity and fear that the one we love so much would unthinkingly share his or her affection with a stranger rather than ourselves. Whether you've caught your partner in a full blown affair or an online chat, betrayal and hurt is nonetheless the result. And yet, we still plead, "Don't go to strangers, darling, come to me.'"

Don Wolff, the Program Host of "I Love Jazz" Radio Show, wrote, "I thought Etta owned Don't Go To Strangers but she would love the way you sing it with feeling."  Here's your chance to see if you agree. 02_Dont_Go_To_Strangers_1.m4a




When you're hopelessly in love with someone you can never possibly have because the price of admission is impossible to pay.12_Save_Your_Love_For_Me_2.m4a




Dedicated to the memory of my late husband, Robbie Bogue. We sure gave 'em something to talk about! 04_Blue_Champagne_1.m4a

Both Sides Now



As I was flying home from my mother's memorial service and descended from blue skies into white clouds, then grey and finally rain, I was reminded that clouds, love and life are but perspective.  05_Both_Sides_Now_1.m4a

Fly Me To The Moon (In Other Words)



Sally Ride passed away July 23, 2012.  Ride, Sally, ride! Thank you for inspiring girls and women to reach for the stars and go beyond. 07_Fly_Me_to_the_Moon_in_Other_Word_2.m4a




In this modern, hyped-up world on steroids of ours, I wanted to create a breath for us to take and share my dreams for humanity. I do believe, with all sincerity that we all want the same thing; love, peace, safety, equality, charity, joy and more. Please share the dream. Namaste. 03_Sack_Full_Of_Dreams_3.m4a

Hot, Strong and Black



The brilliant Karen Hernandez not only plays the hell out of this song, she wrote it.  After I recorded the tracks, Les McCann suggested that I add a male voice to it in repsonse, maybe at the bridge. I told him it was a damn shame I didn't know any male jazz singers. He laughed and said, "I'll do it for you, baby."

We brought Les into the studio and let the mic open to Les' adlibs. There's absolutely no stopping him once he's there and in the moment.  And in the moment, he was!  

From left to right, Nolan Shaheed, Les McCann, Karen Hernandez and Mary Bogue



 By Karen Hernandez


My man is clean and he dresses so fancy

He’s Sharp as a tack

Attracts the women cause he’s really a fox

He’s the leader of the pack

My man is just like I like my coffee

Hot, strong and black


When he puts his arms around me

Chills run and up down my back

When it comes to satisfying me

My man- really has the knack

My man is just like I like my coffee

Hot, strong and black


He’s so fine, 

But he’s mine 

Well, when he walks into the club you can’t mistake him

Cause all the women gather round and try to take him

He’s so fine But he’s mine

All you women have to try and relax

He’s fine, but he’s all mine,

Chills go up and down my back

My man is just like I like my coffee, hot, strong and black

My man is just like I like my coffee, hot, strong and black

My man is just like I like my coffee, - Hot – Strong – and So Black


The Jim Stone, Big Band Swing Show Interview!




The fabulous JIM STONE interviewed Mary in April of 2012 for his BIG BAND SHOW which airs on the internet via on Saturday nights. Thank you Jim for a wonderful interview and playing "Blac k Coffee/Heartbreak Hotel" and then a little "Mood Indigo" from the CD, "Don't Go To Strangers." 



Black Coffee/Heartbreak Hotel



09_Black_Coffee_Heartbreak_Hotel_fe.m4a  This recording has caught the ear of several radio personalities across the U.S. because of the juxtaposition of these two songs. Take a listen and see if you agree that these two meld one story into the other. Love, always a fight for survival.

Mood Indigo



I always love this song, but after I met and became great friends with Barney Bigard's widow, Dottie Bigard, I just had to include it on the CD. Dottie was a wonderful friend and our great friend in common was Helen Humes, who introduced us.  Oh, the times we had together!  I miss her dearly.  Well, Dottie, I love you, so here it is: 11_Mood_Indigo.m4a